The Grief of Academic Closure

Is it just me or is the shock of the emptiness of the closure of our CityLIS journey resonating with some of you as well? As I sit and wonder what next, starvation of the mind has set in very quickly. I feel bereft at my soon to be rescinded library research privileges.  As I wait for the final death toll, the dissertation mark, and then the funeral party of the graduation a celebration of academic achievement, there is a silence and stillness of the mind that I am unused to.

The academic process of gaining a degree, at any level is not only a process of discovery but also a sociable one, it has been akin to riding the informational rapids with many twists and turns on the way thankful that you have a life jacket on. It was filled with conversations, thoughts, friendships, emotions and philosophical arguments, both with myself and others. Then nothing… an empty yearning for more assignments and engagement with the mind. Yes, I agree I can set my own targets, aspire to learn more and do another course but it is the package of academic study, the buy one get one free bonus that is missing presently.

No longer do I struggle to form an argument, strive for literature to hold fast and enforce the boundaries of my dissertation. I am free. But from what? To find new informational worlds, to boldly go where I have not gone before. To seek out new perspectives, target  ‘Fake News’, courageously choose new challenges. Yet, no starship is in the dock waiting to whisk me off at warp speed at this present moment.

So what am I going to do next? As it is helpful to always make a list at critical junctures in life, here is mine.

  1. Make a difference (if only a small one in peoples lives).
  2. Find a job that inspires me, not just earns a salary.
  3. Learn to speak French.
  4. Pick up a little Latin (don’t ask why I just always wanted to learn it).
  5. Continue my struggles with philosophy!
  6. Read.
  7. Oh, and finish that knitting that has hung around for too long.

As I sign out (feeling a little like Jean-Luc Pickard on his last voyage) with this, one of my last blogs as a CityLIS student (a dissertation synopsis to follow when all is marked), I am close to the end of this information learning journey. I have gone where many have gone before, explored new information philosophies and met some interesting people.

My thanks go to those who have ridden the CityLIS academic rapids with me, thank you for your friendship and support. My best wishes go out to those yet to complete their final year and to those new students who are riding those rapids currently. Finally, to those who have finished alongside me, my sincerest good luck wishes for your futures.

Be well and enjoy your next adventure, whatever it may be.

Thank you for stopping by.

P x


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