Dissertation Research into School Libraries Role in Education

The dissertation is now successfully completed, handed in and marked. Thank you to all that took part in the research process.


Calling on school librarians for their views to help with dissertation research data into school library/librarian impact re pupil reading, information literacy and social wellbeing support.

How does your library/you contribute to this and how do you quantify it to validate your outcomes?

I am a current MSc Library and Information Science student at City University London and come from a Key Stage 1 and 2 special educational needs support, school admin and school librarian background.  I firmly believe that reading and encouraging the love of reading is fundamental to educational success and wish to explore this further via my dissertation by researching the role of the school library/librarian. 

As part of this study, I wish to ascertain the countless ways school libraries/librarians impact the educational journey of pupils in order to analyse their value and links to academic progress, consequently adding to the conversation of the school library/librarian efficacy within the curriculum agenda. I am calling upon school librarians to represent your voice on how your library makes a difference/adds to school life and pupil education.  Your views and practices (which programmes you run), when gathered together, will represent a part of the complex picture of a school libraries influence within pupil education and school wellbeing.

  1. How does your library support pupils?
  2. What problems do you face?
  3. How can you assess your impact?
  4. Do you feel that your school library can do more but are constrained in some way? 
  5. How do you liaise with teachers to involve/integrate the library into lessons?                                                                                                                       

Can you answer one or more of these briefly as part of this study? All this will help to add to the data covering the strengths and difficulties currently faced by school libraries/librarians. 

I believe that school libraries and librarians make a difference. By acting as a conduit to enable children/students walk through literary worlds (both via books and technology) and ensuring information literacy from an early age will have a lasting impact upon their lives.  What do you believe?

Please leave a comment including your job title, school key stage (age range) and country.

Thank you for taking the time to join the conversation.



All names via this blog will be anonymised if used in the research to ensure the privacy of participants. Views posted via Twitter remain part of the public domain. 


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