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This year I have taken the decision to rejoin the amazing team at City University London to start my PhD adventure. As part of this CityLIS encourages its students to share their journey in the form of regular posts.

Therefore, the reflective posts on this site represent my study journey at City University London, initially, on the MSc Library Information Science 2017/18 course, which I successfully completed and that I will now continue to use as part of my PhD studies.

So, as I try to grapple with the new concepts of this phase of my educational adventure, I will post about what intrigues, stands out, raises questions and perplexes me. As a novice to the field of information science, the views I represent will no doubt be less informed than an academic article and should, therefore, be viewed as the meanderings of an enquiring mind only.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


All opinions and views on this WordPress site are my own.